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Orthopedic surgery is the part of medicine that involves the bones, muscles and joints. Our practice is limited to surgery for arthritis of the hip and knee. Most of our patients have had arthritis for a long time. Their primary care doctors have tried non-surgical treatments such as medications, injections or modification of activities. We see patients whose problems are severe and who have not done well with non-surgical treatments.

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What to Expect

Surgical preparation: This is an elective surgery and we require a medical doctor to evaluate you prior to the surgery and ask that he or she be available to follow you while you are in the hospital.

Labs: There are numerous labs and tests that are needed to evaluate the risks of surgery. These include blood tests, chest x-ray and an EKG heart test. Sometimes other tests are needed for patients with a history of heart problems.

Total Hip
Total Hip

The hip is a ball and socket joint. A hip replacement resurfaces the joint by substituting the socket with a new metal and plastic surface and by replacing the worn out ball with a new metal ball fit together and result in a new smooth, very low friction ball and socket joint.

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Total Knee
Total Knee

Knee replacement is better described as a resurfacing surgery. This could be equated to putting new lining on the brakes of your car as opposed to throwing the brakes away and putting new brakes in its place.

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